Trey Pearson

Trey Pearson has been a friend of Phillips Seminary for some time. He performed during our special events at the 2015 General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We are pleased to have him on the PhillipsFest stage. Trey gained national attention this year when he came out as a gay, Christian rock musician. And, if you’re wondering, we couldn’t be more proud of his courage and his amazing faith.

Trey talked with another of our friends, Tripp Fuller with Homebrewed Christianity. You can watch the interview.

While all this is wonderful, courageous and amazing. Trey is a great musician. Period. If you don’t know Trey’s work, you’ll be impressed. For PhillipsFest, Trey is going acoustic. We can’t wait to hear his heartfelt performance that will certainly include songs of hope. You can watch and listen to some of his work.